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Hello there, Yuletide Santa!

Oh man, I apologize for taking so long to get this up! Seriously, rest assured that I'll absolutely love anything that you write for these fandoms, and that I am so, so excited to read it. Just write whatever you'll have the most fun writing, in all seriousness.Read more...Collapse )


Hello there, Yuletide Santa!! Excuse the multiple exclamation marks, but oh man, I am so pre-emptively excited for whatever fic you choose to write.
Aw yeah, Yuletide!Collapse )


Hello there, yuletide Santa! You are totally awesome and it is such a pleasure to meet you. I am so excited to read whatever you’re going to write-- the following is just a general overview of things I tend to like, in case it’s helpful for you.

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Trying to read a comic on the worst internet connection in the world is the most excruciating thing ever, but OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS SO WONDERFUL.

Spy with his stylin' striped beta tie!

Soldier's heds!

Sniper's mum and daaaad!




In other news, I've been reading the Raffles series and I can only conclude that the author has, like, time-traveling telepathic powers, because these stories could only have been conceived by someone reading my mind and writing something that hits all my weaknesses for tens. So you have two former schoolmates at the turn of the century-- Raffles, a gentlemen thief at the turn of the century, and his (somewhat) reluctant accomplice, Bunny. Together, they play cricket, run up restaurant bills, and commit crimes! And are so very married. In a long-suffering sort of way, on Bunny's end, but terribly married nonetheless.

I mean, what else are you supposed to make of this: "It was Raffles I loved. It was not the dark life we led together, still less its base rewards; it was the man himself, his gayety, his humor, his dazzling audacity, his incomparable courage and resource."

Bunny himself is just a really delightful narrator, with obvious qualms about their illegal adventures, but too entranced and too loyal to back out of them completely. And Raffles is pretty much as Bunny describes him--ridiculously charming and endearingly fallible in his own way.

(And they're all on Project Gutenberg! Terribly convenient.)

Basically, I am in love with everything right now. :Db

Auction offer for help_nz!

So, I've been lucky enough to be living in and traveling around New Zealand for the past seven months or so. And to no one's surprise, New Zealand is spectacular. This place has been darn good to me. I mean, it's hard not to love somewhere where I can see all of these things in a span of a few days:

A few photos!Collapse )

It's a pretty amazing place.

My friend and I were in Dunedin when the Christchurch earthquake hit, and we just felt a slight wobbling-- disconcerting, but not overly alarming, at least not until people started talking about Christchurch, and that the cathedral might not have survived, and that there might be people dead, this time.

Earlier in the year, I did some temp work for the Earthquake Commission in the aftermath of the September earthquake in Christchurch. The work was a lot of basic office things, but I also read a lot-- no really, a lot-- of mail from people making insurance claims for earthquake damages. There were business-like, printed letters with neatly itemized descriptions and photographs of all that they had lost; there were letters written on old, fragile writing paper with schoolteacher-neat cursive, saying "thank you for all your hard work;" there were "before" photographs from family occasions, the now-destroyed things still whole in the background; there were claims for roof repairs, sewage removal, and family china. There were people with their homes overturned, but no one had died, that time. People rebuild.

And people will rebuild from this, too, but it doesn't make it any easier.

It's almost hard to think of something like this happening barely a few hours' worth of driving away. Things go on, the country is still amazing, and it's easy to forget that people have had their lives torn down.

Which is all a long way of saying that I’ve put up an offer for a doll up for auction on help_nz, if anyone is interested in a doll of sorts based off a character (or a creature, hey, I'm easy) to benefit an organization helping Christchurch (Red Cross NZ, RNZSPCA, the appeal from the NZ government, or Salvation Army NZ.) There are a bunch of other things up for auction, too, so it's worth taking a look!

As usual, all I ever write is ridiculous self-indulgent fluff! Have a kind of continuation of Guests of Each Other's Senses. This was supposed to be for Valentine's Day, haha, which was only, er, two weeks ago?

Les bleuets sont bleus, j'aime mes amours
Team Fortress 2
BLU Spy/Scout's Mom/RED Spy
~2,500 words

So, as we're driving around, keraha and I have been re-reading the Harry Potter books -- and by reading, I mean listening to the audiobooks and occasionally going "ooh mr. fry ooh." And oh my god, I'd completely forgotten how much fun these books are. Listening to the earlier books is especially neat, because I'd forgotten how happy and whimsical the Harry Potter world is in the first two books or so. (To a certain extent. How fucked-up is Harry's situation with the Dursleys? And the house elves, holy craaaaap. Kinda grim, what!)

I've just blazing through Prisoner of Azkaban at the moment, which is making me go OH LUPIN all over the place. Such a fantastic character. Am I scouring the internet for all the bad Sirius/Lupin I used to read years and years ago? PERHAPS. If anyone has any recs, hit me up.

But if there's one thing I totally didn't notice on first reading, it's that Oliver wood is HILARIOUS. No really. HILARIOUS. Completely quiddich-addled, to the point where if there was a quiddich version of Eyeshield 21, he would fit right in. Come to think of it, I would totally read a quiddich sports manga. My general fondness for sports manga aside, if there's one sport that could totally get away with being hilariously over-dramatic and weirdly touching, it's quiddich. I can just see the intense training montages and intense two-page spreads for ACTION SCENES.

In other news, Hey Rosetta! is releasing a new album in February, and oh boy oh boy I am so excited. I first heard them playing a free concert in Sackville two years ago or so, and it's possibly a little unreal how invested I am in them and their success-- it's been absolutely fantastic seeing them reaching new heights. They're going to be touring around Canada and the US in February-March, which I'm going to miss, sadly, because they are sincerely fantastic to see live. Oh, adorable newfie band of my heart!

Another new year, already! Crazy. Spent the first day of it hiking around a glacier surrounded by a rainforest, though, so things are looking up. I don’t quite know what’s going to happen this year, but hey--there’s so much ahead of me, I’m in a fabulous new country with possibly the most gorgeous landscapes known to man, and things are pretty darn okay. All the best wishes for the new year to everyone out there.

But hey, yuletide!

I got this fantastic fic for the Ninth Legion series, which just fills in the book so perfectly, and two hilarious fics for Hustle, which are full of shenanigans and farm animals, and they're all absolutely AMAZING and I love them all to pieces. Seriously, I cannot flail enough about how fantastic they are.

Aaand I wrote a Heavy/Medic fic for prodigy, which was great fun! I don’t know why I haven’t written them before, because oh my god, they are way too much fun.

It Will Come Around
Team Fortress 2
Gen, Heavy/Medic
~3,200 words

Since it’s the new year, I’m also clearing out my WIP folder and throwing finished things up on AO3, because, hey, why not. So, have a finally-finished TF2 fic that’s been floating around my hard drive for way too long. I think it was supposed to be a short kink meme fill, but—well, that didn’t quite happen.

Guests of One Another’s Senses
Team Fortress 2
BLU Spy/RED Spy/Scout’s Mom
~10,500 words

Also, I’m just going to declare the beginning of the new year WIP amnesty day and stick a few unfinished bits up, because god knows they’re never going to get finished at the rate I write. For instance, a half-finished TF2 Ocean’s 11 AU that I was throwing around in this post almost a year ago, wahey.

The Mann Job
Team Fortress 2

And its shameless porny epilogue, which is actually more complete than the actual story, whoops:
Ain’t That A Kick in the Head
Team Fortress 2
Engineer/Scout’s Mom/Spy

Man, so many things I would have liked to write, but never quite got around to. Here’s to a better track record for this year, haha.

Dear Yuletide Santa!

First of all, I am so pre-emptively excited, you have no idea. Holiday spirit? CHECK. Huge, undignified grin on my face? CHECK.

My face looks a bit like this: 8DCollapse )




ALSO INSERT KATE BEATON TESLA COMIC AS NECESSARY. Oh my god I want so many stories about Abe Lincoln, John Henry, Nikola Tesla, and Davy Crockett hanging out together.

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